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BERLIN NIGHTS – One night in Berlin - a portrayal of the city’s youth
experiencing the excesses of Berliner nightlife. Driven by a shared need to escape the monotony of their daily lives, Lutz, Nana, Luise and Dick Tracey are drawn into a nightclub. Inside, their day-to-day sorrows are drowned in the decadence of this artificial world. Dick Tracey, a TV-host, gets caught up in the constant craving for excitement. He must ultimately confront the shocking truth about the dangers of this nightlife, to which his best friend has already surrendered.

A Cohen Sisters Entertainment Production
(Rosemarie Couture & Gabriela Tscherniak)

BERLIN NIGHTS was written and directed by Gabriela Tscherniak

Pierre Brayard Production Designer
(Art Director Istvan Sabos “Taking Sides”)

Uwe Mann Director of Photography (HFF Postdam)

Marcus Mailer Costume Designer (CSM London)

Charlotte Palmer (CSM London)

Thorsten Schütte and Thomas Venable, Martin Granata Editor
completed the creative team.

About the film

The story of BERLIN NIGHTS is very straight-forward. It’s about sex, drugs and house music.
Gabriela Tscherniak was inspired by the city of Berlin; known for its numerous parties and youthful population - a volatile mixture. The film is a commentary on the disillu¬sion of Berliners in their thirties. While searching for the meaning in their lives, they escape their daily routine by sex and drugs.

Visual approach of the director
Gabriela Tscherniak says that BERLIN NIGHTS is like a Hieronymus Bosch painting - from a distance it looks glamourous and festive, however, the closer you get you see the miniature depictions of horror. The film imitates the daily media saturation and the hyper-sensual exposure of a nightclub. It is the spectator who picks out a seg¬ment of the portrayal and through the juxtapositions of the images creates his own meaning.

So it is up to the spectator of BERLIN NIGHTS to select from the various “mini-narratives” and create his own interpretation.

As infinite as the meaning of the painting, so are the nights of Berlin and its protago¬nists.

We might further say that fate itself is like an infinite film in which the characters are perpetually searching to give their life a new meaning.

The film is shot in a cinema verité style as a deliberate attempt to reduce involvement with the characters. The spectator experiences, like the characters of the fillm the emptiness and alienation to their own existence. The spectator is placed in an observational posi¬tion as distant and alien as the characters are from each other. The spectator is witness, confronted with the eternal question of life in this micro cosmos.

Beaudelaire and the Berliners
Gabriela Tscherniak feels that the dedication of “Artificial Paradises” by French author Baudelaire well depicts Berliners. The dedication reads: “Common sense tells us that things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams”.Gabriela Tscherniak directed the fi lm based upon that perception of Berlin and young adult Berliners. This enables the audience to enter into the lives of several different individuals.From evening to early next morning, the spectator follows them experien¬cing their surreal nightlife. All the charecters keep searching unreflectedly for fullfill¬ment and try to give their inner feeling of emptiness, loneliness an outlet, however it is a sole individual’s quest to strive for the meaning of their own existence. Thus these responsibility for themselves they don’t take and therefore most of their experiences stay superficial, shallow and some turn into a disaster.

BERLIN NIGHTS a mixture of painting and literature brought to vivid life on screen Music and Live Performing Arts are important elements of BERLIN NIGHTS.
They give the film a distinct rhythm. Gabriela Tscherniak attracts the audience to the fever of Berlin nights. She shares with them the fun of these nights as well as the sad reality.

Berlin Nights 2005

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director Gabriela Tscherniak

Producers Rose Marie Couture
Gabriela Tscherniak
Associate Producer Viacheslav Usovich
Associate Producer Bernhard Semmelrock
Associate Producer
Furat al Jamil
Associate Producer
Didier Sepho
Director of Photography
Uwe Mann
2nd Unit Cinematographer
Matthias Maas
Production Design Pierre Brayard
Editor Martin Granata
Rough Cut Editor Robert Frefat
Editing Consultant Olaf Winkler
Sound Mix Hörwerk
Ansgar Frerich
Florian Beck
Sound Editing Oliver Grafe
Screen Design Lowbyte Productions
Karl Ingar Roys
Post Production Supervisor Juliane Schmidt
Colorist Nadir Mansouri
Technical Support
Nico Topia
Nick Bäuerle
Silvain Coutandin

Casting Director Gabriela Tscherniak
Casting Extras Sabine Enthammer
Maya Keifenheim

Costume Designers Thomas Venable
Charlotte Palmer
Marcus Mailer
Thorsten Schütte

Production Managers
Judith Hammer
Niklas Bäumer
Klaus Drewitz
Heiko Stahl

First Unit
1st Assistant Director Gerke Fryschmidt
2nd Assistant Director Daniela Kranz & Daniela Wicke
3rd Assistant Director Sabine Enthammer
Second Unit
1st Assistant Director Andreas Louis & Hauke Swinum
2nd Assistant Director Martin Haas
3rd Assistant Robert Frefat

Dance & Acts Choreography Gabriela Dumitrescu
Gabriel Strauss

First Unit
1st Camera Operator Isabel Casez
2nd Camera Operator Dirk Heuer

Second Unit
1st Camera Operator Patricia Scheffler
2nd Camera Operator Randa Chahoud
3rd Camera Operator Alexander Preuss

Camera Assisistant Benedix Knackstedt

First Unit
1st Focus Puller Wolf Wachner
2nd Focus Puller Denis Jacobsen

Production Coordinators Sibylle Lang
Frank Schulz

Productions Assistants Ira Voelker
Hannes Weber
Daniela Wicke
Dominik Mohr
Juliane Wagner
Valeska Bochow
Clemens Wistuba
Anke Peters
Andrea Neese
Konrad Kürzdorfer
Lisi Corwran
Christopher Reichelt

Directors Personal Assistant Suzi Kleemann
Continuity Andre Bergelt
Isabella Pacini

Vidoe Operator Marcus Heckel
Subtitels Karl Ingar Roys
Translation November Wanderin

Marketing Marije van der Vlis
Ines Richter
Ira Voelker

Tranaslation Festivals Franzesca Dziadek

Script Consultants
Bent Ole
Daniela Kranz
Daniela Wicke

Gaffers Philip Hühnerfeld
Thomas Arden

Bruno Roth
Hans Kroninger
Thorsten Wenzel
Kirsten Stahlkopf
Jennifer Burmeister

Lighting II
Wolfgang Hemman
Ralf Kulike
Holger Ohlhus
Bernhard Mowitz
Silvio Weiss

Lighting Assistant Susanne Gebert

Dolly/ Grip Guiza Heykal
Niels Ockert

Dolly/Grip II Oliver Friedrich

Sound Al Owen
Malte Schmidt
Boom Operators
Oliver Brosza

Runners Tien Duc Pham
Philip Schnur
Viatcheslav Usovich
Make up
Monique Bogedein
Diana Stimper
Alicks Kießlich
Volker Nawroth
Marita Raue


Make up Assistants
Miriam Bühren
Viviana Kammel
Stefan Kehl
Monica Hübert
Charlotte Büchner
Jana Andrek
Jennifer Burmeister
Yvonne Mausdolf
Ursel Gener
Claudia Wolf
Sigrun Drießler
Maike Heinlein

Hair Styling
Eddine Belaid
Monique Bogedein

Styling Dancers & Acts
Thomas Venable
Charlotte Palmer
Marcus Mailer
Elisabeth Poppe
Freddy Thuon Doriandys

Bodypaint Gabriela Kroha

Costume Assistants
Deborah Cocking
Julia Winkler
Julia Vincenz
Stefanie Harborth
Celine Barry
Oliver Rhienfrank
Doro Brodrück
Renate Karin Hebisch
Axinja Bechmann
Kati Busan
Prop Masters
Caroline Meyer
Helen Pappas

Art Directing Assistant Peter Meux

Set Decorator Luzia Gossman

Assistant Prop Master & Set Dressers
Andreas Hüls
Corrina Geißler
Daniela Dröger
Juliane Schüler
Viola Korn
Barbara Bernhard
Simone Fust

Wardrobe Supervisor
Jutta Geißel-Burkhardt

Still Photographers
Mark Jaffé
Martin Noblé
Patrick Rubin
Viacheslav Usovich

Stefano Vidé
Lars Hillesheim
Heiko Stahl

Actors Assistant Volker Meyer Dabisch
Jan Emmerich

Schooting Locations
Sage Club
90 Grad Club

Cécile Blumenthal
Salomon Kronthaler
Hendrik Lindner
Raliza Raonova
Sunny Rose
Judith Schrbrock
Gabriel Strauß
Silvetra Toscana

Dj Elbee Bad
Gigolo Records

Jean Beauvoir

Bridge Markland

Evan Franco
Guitar Todd Parker
Rich & Cool

By Alex Amon

Disco City
By Jon Kaiser, Manfred Herman
Elke de Boer

Special Thanks to
Ruth Blench
Vicky Philosoph
Christian Pasquariello
Bernhard Semmelrock
Furat al Jamil
Nick Bäuerle
René Ifrah
Wolf Bosse
Das Werk
Roman Hillman
Karl Ingar Roys
Wolfgang Lorenz
Nader Ghazanfarian
Thomas Bartl
Anne-Britt Rage
Rudnianska Rubinroth
November Wanderin
Domenik Bollen
Jenny Collier
Silvian Coutandin
Max Penzel
Gloria Gifford
Safia Dickersbach
Severin Schmidt
Nicola Pötter
Pictorion das Werk
Rich & Cool
To the whole team, crew actors, dancers, acts
Dj’s & all our supporters

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