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Starring: Milton Welsh, Natasha Paulick, Dirk Borchardt,
Nicole Weißbrodt
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Starring: Shelby Kemper, Christa Engelskirch & Brant Cotton

Through the loss of her once idealised father, the Vietnam War impacts the life of a 9year old girl. After a long two-year absence, her father has become an unrecognisablebitter and angry man who is now a stranger. A loving daughter, she keeps fighting tobring her father back to an old life he can no longer enjoy.

Starring: Marina Ratina, Brant Cotton & Rodney Charles

BIRD’S EYE VIEW IS the portrait of an all American man who turns into a potentially jealous and murderous husband. His high school love has turned sour. The former wild, sexy football champ has become a conservative businessman, and the shy beautyqueen with an interest in philosophy has developed into a bohemian artist.The husband is annoyed by his wife’s life-style that is centred on her art, cocaine andhanging out with gay buyers and pretentious gallery-owners whom he can’t stand.Upon returning from a business trip, he is once again confronted with a half-nakedman and a nude painting – but this time he fi nds a watch in their bed that is not his.

REBECCA (2001)
Starring: Maia Tarin, Jeff Lebeau

A young FBI detective caught between duty and family loyalty has to spy on her partneragainst her will. Could this highly decorated FBI Offi cer and old family friend, whoonce saved her father’s life by putting his own life in danger, be caught up in a mobcrime? Did he let the evidence disappear?

Willy and Ute (2000)
Starring: Olen Holm, Natasha Paulick & John Stanley Haas

Willy and Ute feel like Bonnie and Clyde and break into other people’s fl ats just for thefun of it. They passionately love but also hate each other from one moment to theother. One day they have to deal with a repairman and pretend to be the owner of a household that isn’t theirs.

The Tramp, the Pimp and The Policeman (1999)
This is an experimental fi lm that presents impressions of a typical London Undergroundstation.
It includes a young man picking up his girlfriend, a pimp in a fight with his prostitute, a policeman in a hurry to arrest somebody and a slick businessmandropping his garbage.A rather suspicious bum watches it all.